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MFD City Officers

Chief (20)
Bill Devries
PH: 812-599-5864
PH2: 812-599-1980

Deputy Chief Ops (22)
Kenny Washer
PH: 812-493-9344

Division Chief (24)
Raymond Ehlers
PH: 812-493-9024

Battalion Chief (Batt1)
Steve Manaugh
PH: 812-599-2205

Battalion Chief (Batt2)
Josh Gourley
PH: 812-599-3444

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Recent Training Sessions for MFD

Forcible Entry Techniques

The Madison Fire Department had the pleasure of teaching the Madison Emergency Response Team (SWAT) some forcible entry techniques.






Rope/Rescue Training

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IMG_0289 IMG_0290

IMG_0292 IMG_0294

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Fire Company No. 2 Gets Improvements

Indiana’s oldest active fire station, Washington Fire Company No. 2, has gotten a facelift and improvements inside as well. The station was built in 1848.
Fire Co 2 firehouse

Madison Fire Department News and Events


Squad 51, Where are You?

Squad 51, the latest addition to the MFD fleet, is housed at Station 5. The squad is used for first responder medical runs, hazmat responses and carries investigation tools and supplies.
Squad 51

Downtown Kitchen Fire

at the fire scene
kitchen fire
mfd firefighters

May 3 Shed Fire On West Third Street…

shed fire on 3rd st
shed fire

Firefighter Compensation Program Announced

In an effort to improve firefighter recruiting and retention, the Madison Fire Department has developed a pilot program for partial compensation. The program awards points for various activities including, but not limited to, response to alarms and training. Points are on a varying scale based upon firefighter rolls including interior firefighters, support rolls, company officers, driver-operators, etc. City fire officers are not eligible for the program. For more information, please contact Chief Devries,

New Rescue Unit for City Use

Walnut Street Fire Company No. 4 is now housing a city-owned fire utility vehicle, a Kawasaki Mule. It carries 50 gallons of Class A foam, two pressurized water extinguishers, two 20-pound dry chemical extinguishers, a Class K extinguisher and assorted tools. It can also carry a stokes basket for transporting patients.

The unit will primarily be used during Madison’s many festivals when access is limited for first line fire apparatus, and it can be used in rough terrain.
Fire Rescue Unit


Confined Space Fire

MFD at a confined space fire under a house on Orchard Street, April 3, 2016.
fire in crawl space
Orchard St fire


MFD Training Classes

Battalion Chief Gourley recently conducted an Instructor I training in April 2016.
instructor 1 training


Chief Gives a Tour

Chief Devries conducted a tour of the new Super ATV manufacturing plant prior to occupancy.
Chief Devries conducting tour


The Fours Assists Rotary Lift

Walnut Street Fire Company No. 4 assisted Rotary Lift in testing their latest lift prototype.
testing Rotary Lift new lift
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