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Clifty Volunteer Fire Company No. 6

(631 W. Clifty Drive – Click to View Map)
Clifty Six Firehouse
Located on Clifty Drive on the hilltop next to the Madison Consolidated High School, the “Sixes” were organized in 1969, nearly 128 years after the Fair Play Fire Company. They are responsible for all vehicle extrication and specialized rescue in the city and area. All of this company’s apparatus was painted in metallic blue and white, but in 2008, the company received the Four’s 1994 Seagrave ladder truck, which provides an aerial ladder to the hilltop (and still remains Kelly green).

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Apparatus History


1970 Hahn Pumper – 1000gpm/500gal

1970 Hahn Pumper
Clifty Six was founded in 1969 and was the last of the Madison fire companies to be established. This Hahn pumper was their first apparatus used.


1992 Chevrolet/Pierce Mini-Pumper – 1250gpm/500gal

1996 Cheverolet Mini Pumper
Clifty Six was used as the city of Madison’s light and rescue truck. It carried the only extrication equipment and responded to all vehicle accidents and extrication emergencies. Most equipment from this truck was eventually moved to the new Rescue 6 apparatus. This rig was retired in 2008.


1992 Seagrave Pumper – 1250gpm/500gal

1992 Seagrave Pumper
This truck is pictured with its original Seagrave Pumper body.

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